Old Age Home With An Orphanage

The main purpose lies in building an old age home with an orphanage where the elderly between ages 55-75 voluntarily help the institution to provide children with care and education. The intention is to have a place where the children and the elderly can co-habit and provide a home environment for each other. The home will also have activities such as cottage industry or teaching, where the elderly can earn a living and live with dignity. The old people home will be self-sufficient in most ways and environment friendly. They will have their own power generation through wind/hydro energy; grow their own vegetables, poultry, dairy etc. These additional factors will provide the elderly and the children a life in a healthy and nurturing environment.

When the old are unable to stay with their families or are destitute, they can experience feelings of security and self-worth. It will also keep their mind-body faculties active and help them to use their free time creatively. Similarly, instead of missing a family life, orphans and homeless children can grow up in a caring and happy environment. This combines the problems of the aged and the orphans and solves it through a simple yet effective solution.

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