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Mrs Murmur - Inspiring Story of Care

As coronavirus awareness can't be ignored in the rural areas. So, to combat the challenge of coronavirus, afifa foundation was started an awareness program in most marginalised communities, Where our secretary – Mr Nayeer Alam meet with Mrs Murmur. Mrs Murmur asked various question with our volunteers and also took few pictorial posters. 60 years old Murmur walk door to door in few villages and aware them. She inspired the generation age doesn’t matter, to save once life.

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afifa foundation is a growing humanitarian organization fighting national poverty. Through our community-based efforts focused on empowering women, we work to improve basic education, prevent the spread of disease, increase access to clean water and sanitation, expand economic opportunity and protect natural resources. afifa foundation also delivers emergency aid to survivors of natural disasters and helps people rebuild their lives. Women and girls are at the heart of our poverty-fighting and emergency-relief efforts because our six years of experience shows that their gains translate into benefits themselves, their families and their communities.