Know About Vibha Vani: A consortium of grassroots developmental organizations, educational and research institutions, social scientists, workers, and social entrepreneurs

VibhaVani is a consortium of grassroots developmental organizations, educational and research institutions, social scientists, workers, and social entrepreneurs. This initiative, driven by Vijnana Bharati, aims to become the largest people's movement of science-oriented social organizations and institutions for nation-building through scientific interventions in social actions.

Vision: The vision of VibhaVani is to develop a national consortium of grassroots voluntary developmental organizations and institutions, forming the largest people's movement of science-oriented social organizations for nation-building. By leveraging science and technology interventions for the benefit of the masses, VibhaVani aims to bring together all stakeholders in inclusive development, making our nation powerful and glorious - Vaibhav Bharath.

Mission: VibhaVani has set forth several missions to achieve its vision:
1. Leadership and Network Formation: The organization aims to provide effective leadership and create a network of two thousand science-oriented social organizations, educational and research institutions within two years. The focus is on capacity building, knowledge sharing, project facilitation, handholding support, policy interventions, advocacy, and institutional collaboration and convergence.
2. Assistance and Expertise: VibhaVani strives to provide competent expertise and assistance to emerging organizations, enabling them to play a greater role in transforming society. By promoting synergy through "Coming together, Thinking together, and Working together," the organization aims to increase the pace and scale of activities.
3. Policy Interventions and Partnerships: VibhaVani undertakes policy interventions with the government and develops strategies for institutional partnerships with research organizations and CSR foundations. Joint campaigns and the execution of developmental SMART projects are pursued to achieve the objectives.

Key Institutional Associates: VibhaVani collaborates with various institutions involved in grassroots developmental activities, including:
1. ICAR-IARI: Indian Agriculture Research Institute.
2. National Innovation Foundation, Vijnan Prasar, and various institutes under DST, such as the SEED division, NISCAIR, NECTAR, etc.
3. CSIR Institutes.
4. Vijnan Bharathi, Afifa Foundation, AFARM, Vibhavari, SNEHA, Midas Touch, among others.

Our Journey: The journey of VibhaVani began with the realization that the benefits of science and technology should reach the masses. The first NGO Conclave was organized alongside IISF-2016 in NPL, New Delhi, by the Ministry of Science & Technology. This conclave paved the way for the formation of a national network of science-oriented social organizations and institutions under the umbrella of VibhaVani, as a development initiative of Vijnan Bharathi, a renowned science movement with a track record of over 25 years. After working as an informal network for more than three years, VibhaVani was registered as a Society named Vibha Vani India Society, later expanded to Vibha-Vaibhav Association of Nation Building Organizations and Institutions India (Vibha-Vani). The organization's head office is situated in New Delhi, while the registered office is in Bangalore.

Aims & Objectives: VibhaVani aims to create at least a thousand Integrated Sustainable Community Development Models across the nation by 2022. This involves transforming at least a thousand voluntary developmental organizations into Nation Building Organizations (NBOs). The organization seeks to empower and enable the vast network of science-oriented social organizations and institutions across the country through knowledge sharing and capacity building to achieve sustainable development goals.

Conclusion: VibhaVani's mission to empower India through science and social development is commendable. By bringing together various stakeholders and leveraging scientific interventions, the organization strives to create a positive impact on society. With its vision, mission, and collaborative approach, VibhaVani is poised to contribute significantly to the nation-building process.

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