Sustainable Economies


Sustainable Economies

We talk a lot about value chains within our economic development work — but what are they and why are they important?

A value chain is the full range of activities, from production to marketing to distribution, that are required to bring a product from its conception to the consumer.

afifa foundation promotes changes in value chains that generate positive, sustained impacts for large numbers of marginalized households in terms of income, employment, power relations and access to products and services that empower the poor to better their lives.


afifa foundation has more than 5 projects that support sustainable economies. We prioritize looking at power dynamics so poor families—especially women—have access to information, appropriate agricultural and productive resources, and assets.



afifa foundation works to improve women’s access to markets to unlock greater production, profits on small-scale agriculture, food security, and improved nutrition.



Find out what we’re learning about how to create change across a range of market actors so that the poorest families can access the markets they need to create opportunities for themselves.



afifa foundation works with the whole of the market system to ensure that we can create sustainable change for the people we serve. This includes working with the private sector, government regulatory bodies, and service providers in the communities and regions where we work.