Sustainable Development Goals via Science, Technology and Innovation

SDGs via STI

Sustainable Development Goals via Science, Technology and Innovation

A join initative of afifa foundation and Midas Touch Manipur

Science, Technology and Innovation Forum (STi Forum) - is a global information platform focused on science, technology and innovation for United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030. A dedicated virtual open source for knowledge sharing and dissemination of research and innovation. Where researcher and innovator can learn and where implementing agencies can bring this into the real world.

Researchers and innovators initiatives are followed in STi Forum for showcasing research and innovation globally in a public domain. All posts will be open for public access globally to reach the target funding agencies and investors. The Forum forwards the most visited post to respective funding agencies (idea stage). It’s brings from time to time global opportunities to researchers and innovators.

STi Forum gathers information about latest happenings in STi, Conferences Alerts, Grants announcements, SDGs related activities and updates globally. It will be bridging the gap between researchers, innovators and Funding agencies /Investors through this virtual platform. Beside it will be a venue for forming networks between relevant stakeholders including but not limited to students, researchers, academias, industries, corporates, NGOs working in the field of STi.

Bringing the Science, Technology and Innovation from labs into a public domain for learning, inspiring and implementing is a key component for self-reliant India which will lead to achieving United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. COVID-19 pandemic further enforces digital inclusion, which reflects its utmost utility in our present new normal and also this platform is a way forward approach to fulfill UN SDGs 2030.