Digital Inclusion

Digital Inclusion

35.8% of Muslim girls in Other Backward Class category never attended school

afifa foundation works towards addressing the root causes of poverty and social injustice among marginalized communities, because of digital divide. While rural and especially women and girls form rural in India are more vulnerable due to historical and social factors, this vulnerability multiplies with the additional burden of caste, tribe, economic status and literacy levels.

Empowerment is critical, if rural are to achieve their full and equal access and opportunities science and technology as urban. But before empowerment can become a reality, it is important to unravel and address multiple layers of vulnerability among digital divide and address each of them throug

afifa foundation works towards digital transformative change at the individual, household and community level. Each of our programmes on the ground have a strong digital component to ensure a digital inclusion where rural and urban have equal opportunities of science, technology and innovation.

Science, Technology and Innovation

We work for providing sustainable development assistant for weaker section of society through Science, Technology and Innovation. Because STI provide the better solution with discrimination in cast, creed and religion. Mobilization of innovation, to bring the opportunities for transforming the society toward a developed nation. Women and girls are most venerable in this case.

Behavior change communication

Across various projects, behavior change communication is planned and executed to address lack of awareness, and strengthen the ability of STI’s collectives to challenge and change unjust gender and social norms. Our specially developed tools and communication outreach promotes engagement with community, service providers, government functionaries, and market players.

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