Poverty & Social Justice


Our Mission

afifa foundation works around the nation to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice.


Defending Dignity. Fighting Poverty.


Turning Desolation Into Discovery

“I hope my little sister doesn’t have to live the life I’ve lived here.”


Our Vision

Our vision states that “afifa foundation seeks a world of hope, tolerance, and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and people live in dignity and security.” But what exactly does social justice mean?

Social justice is the idea that all people, everywhere in the world, have the right to a life of dignity. This means a life free from poverty, violence, discrimination or human rights violations.

A world where social justice exists is a world where all people are included in society, and all people can claim their rights to healthcare, shelter, and education regardless of how poor or rich they are.

Donate Now

Rs1000 can provide training in livestock and dairy production to a vulnerable Indian woman, helping her support her family's needs.


Take Action

Call on CM of Bihar to stop the epidemic of violence by making the safety of women and girls an international priority.