Integrated Rural Development & Livelihood


Role of Food and Agriculture?

For the millions in the world living in rural poverty,there can be little concern whether the growing interest of the rich in their future is labelled 'agricultural development', 'rural development'.


Turning Desolation Into Discovery

“I hope my little sister doesn’t have to live the life I’ve lived here.”



Most of the people in villages earn their living either through agriculture or handicrafts. Since the land available to each family has remained the same and the number of family members has grown, supporting all of them through agriculture alone is becoming difficult. People are moving to towns and cities in search of jobs, but these are also not always available partly because they lack the qualifications. The government is addressing these problems by taking steps to make better farming techniques available to increase crop production from the same piece of land, and also making other opportunities of employment and livelihood available close to or within the villages itself. It is also encouraging young people to start their own ventures by providing them training and finance.

Integrated Farm-based Development

Projects under this segment work together with rural farmers working with Self Help Groups and Farmers Clubs. The group members receive focused training for better productivity.


Environmental Impact

The projects we support must include a strong environmental component. Watershed protection and community environmental planning which promotes conservation and restoration are integral to our work.