Healthy Families, Healthy Communities

Maternal and child survival. Water access. Family planning. HIV and AIDS education. Our community-centric health programs are critical to lifting families out of poverty.


Speak Out for Mothers

Maternal mortality is a global epidemic, with one mother dying every two minutes. Join AFIFA to help mothers and children survive.


Support Her Choice

When women have access to family planning, they and their children live healthier lives. Tell Congress moms deserve reproductive health care.


Power Lasting Change

Want to make a real impact? Join our Partners for Change giving program. Your monthly gift will save lives every day.


One woman dies every two minutes during pregnancy or childbirth. What's even more unacceptable is that most of these deaths are absolutely preventable. We are outraged, and determined to help women - and their children - live.


Malnutrition Cause death

90 % of children , womens, men are effected from Malnutrition, and caused of dealth. Save them.


Health Centers & Camps

Each year, almost seven million children under age five die due to malnutrition, poor maternal health and diseases like malaria. We train health workers, educate parents and distribute needed supplies to keep children healthy.And for this service we will start some health centers.


 2012 Kate Holt

Health Care in Emergencies

In emergencies major peoples are dies due to the lake of medical care on the site of accidents, to help these peoples our " Emergencies Team " take cares of all the basic needs with medical facility.