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afifa foundation is a multi dimension entries, one can contribute their expertise through our volunteering program, even afifa foundation giving the opportunities for governmental, non governmental organizations and institution for the goals of afifa foundation.

Millions of girls are out of school in the developing world. Violence, hunger, child marriage, or simply the belief that girls aren't worth teaching are barriers that keep them from getting an education.

Our belief is that with a little help, these girls will find their way to a brighter future. And you can help, by joining our program.

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We're building a movement to end global poverty with women and girls at the center of our work. The Volunteer's of afifa foundation uses their voices to raise awareness and support for afifa foundation, while enjoying exclusive networking, educational, and social events.

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Partners with us, have an opportunity to learn more about afifa foundation's programs and to help us create sustainable change for the people most vulnerable to hunger, violence and disease.
Your support helps deliver the knowledge and tools needed to tackle poverty's underlying causes.

Corporate Partnership (CSR)

The afifa foundation Corporate Partnership is an active community committed to supporting afifa foundation's work to enhance global security and continue India's 02-year tradition of leadership toward peace, stability, and better lives.

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afifa foundation members are partners in providing support afifa foundation needs while accessing exclusive opportunities to learn, network, advocate, and be a part of a critical campaign to continue India's national legacy.