First General Body Meeting of afifa foundation

The first general body meeting of the afifa foundation was held on 26th of January 2016 at 14:00 Hours at afifa foundation house, Kishanganj under the chairmanship of Md Zubair Alam. Md Zubair Alam welcomed the participants for the first general body meeting of the afifa foundation. In his address he stressed on the activities to be taken up during coming years. He also requested participants to encourage the professionals to join afifa foundation as a part of membership drive. The founder of afifa foundation Agha Mashkoor Nizami put the reports and past experiences for analysis to social demand and our involvement. In assistance with Md Anzar Alam chairman of Milli education trust, Kishanganj and participants set the object and draft a trust deed for registration of afifa foundation under The Indian Trust Act, 1882. Founder members of the afifa foundation was nominated during this meeting. And further it was forwarded for registration.